Polish composer of film music and contemporary classical music, guitarist. She is the author of music for over 40 films – feature films, documentaries, animated films and several TV series. She received an award for the music to the film „Amateurs” at the 10th Grand Prix Komeda Film Festival. Winner of many prestigious awards in Geneva, Paris and Boston, for her innovative compositions of contemporary music inspired by the world of science. 


She creates music for orchestra, string quartets, chamber ensembles and electronic music. Her composition for orchestra were performed at the Witold Lutoslawski Concert Studio S1 of Polish Radio at the 36th Warsaw Music Encounters Festival. 


She graduated from the Composition Studies at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw under thedirection of Krzysztof Knittel and the Instrumental Department – Classical Guitar at the Academy of Music in Lodz.


It appeared several albums of her music including:
„Music from the film Amateurs” (Requiem Records, 2022), 

„Chemistry of Love” (Requiem Records, 2019).


She has collaborated internationally with directors of art cinema: Kim Hee-Jung, Peter Vogt. She has collaborated many times with directors – Iwona Siekierzynska, Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, Mariusz
Wilczynski, Grzegorz Krolikiewicz, Krzysztof Kasior, Małgorzata Lupina, Leszek Madzik.


Her recognizable works are music for award-winning films 

feature films:
– „Amateurs” – dir. Iwona Siekierzynska, Grand Prize at the International Festival of Independent Cinema „Off Camera” in Krakow (2021), „Hollywood Eagle Award” at the Polish Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA (2021). 
– „A French Woman” – dir. Kim Hee-Jung, which had its world premiere at the San Diego International Film Festival in the USA (2019)
– „Hanoi – Warsaw” – Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, etc. European Film Award (Tallinn, 2010), Grand Prix at the Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares, Spain (Madrid, 2010)


– „Fury” – dir. Krzysztof Kasior, awarded at the Slamdance Film Festival (USA, 2021)

– „Himilsbach, truths, lies, black holes” – dir. Małgorzata Lupina and Stanislaw Manturzewski, awarded the Main Prize – 'Golden Lajkonik’ at the Cracow Film Festival (2002) 

animated films:
– 11 films by Mariusz Wilczyński – First TVP Culture Setting (2005-2008), 

presented at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 


Her compositions were presented at the 30th Audio Art Festival (Cracow), Music Festival Ecos Urbanos
(Mexico, Mexico City), 14th International Festival of Contemporary Music and Visual Arts (Bydgoszcz),
Audio Stage Festival (Warsaw), OFF Film Festival Camera Plus (Cracow).


In film music, she often connection acoustic instruments with electronics and with his own prepared sounds.
Her compositions are very organic, have their own original style and are in synergy with the film image.

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