Working with music, or how to talk to be understood.
A series of workshops with composers for directors, producers, advertising agencies and their clients

Working with music, or how to talk to be understood. A series of workshops with composers for directors, producers, advertising agencies and their clients, and everyone who is passionate about Polish cinema and film music…

On September 27, we started a series of amazing online workshops “Working with music”, or how to talk to be understood.

Working with music is an educational series of 9 completely different episodes in the form of free, online discussion panels for everyone who is interested in Polish cinema, working with a composer and composing film music from the inside out, i.e. the whole process of creating emotions on the screen. Our message is addressed especially to film, TV series and commercial creators who want to effectively cooperate with the composer in their productions. Discussion panels focus on improving the dialogue between artists and developing the ability to effectively communicate their artistic vision.

The aim of the project is to show that cooperation between the composer, producer and director, and in the case of commercials, also the client, does not have to be difficult, and the key to it is proper communication. The project is also intended to help strengthen artistic ties between native film and music artists.

Each premiere episode will be available on Tuesdays at 19.30, every two weeks, on the YouTube platform, and all episodes will also be available on our website.

Prominent guests, diverse topics, many perspectives

During the workshops, we discuss the greatest blockbusters, unforgettable Polish classics and exciting stories that keep viewers in suspense thanks to brilliantly composed music. We discuss the subject of feature films, historical cinema, documentaries, TV theater, family cinema, advertising and even music consultations, as always in the excellent company of outstanding creators of Polish cinema and film music.

We invited composers, film and music producers, directors, screenwriters, music consultants, representatives of production houses and even their clients, including: Andrzej Smolik, Łukasz Targosz, Maciek Dobrowolski, Antoni Wojnar, Jan Duszyński, Agnieszka Odorowicz, Ewa Jastrzębska, Artur Kowalewski, Wojciech Stuchlik, Dawid Janicki, Krzysztof Rzączyński, Tadeusz Mieczkowski, Arkadiusz Biedrzycki, Patrycja Bukowska, Sebastian Herzyk, Jaroslaw Boliński and others.

During each episode, leading creators from the world of culture, art and media talk about the challenges that the film crew faces when working with a composer and the role of music in the entire audiovisual production. Specialists from the film industry together explain what the whole creative process looks like, where the idea for music is born and how to make the idea a reality. Experts also suggest how to create the perfect brief that will be understandable to all members of the production.

The creator of the project is Marika Koasidis, owner of the Uszy.Te Muzyka Szyta Na Miarę film music composers agency, also responsible for the production of a spectacular international concert for Marvel Future Revolution: World Orchestra, which was recorded in Poland.

Her passion for creating unique experiences through sound and her desire for cultural education in this area were appreciated by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, granting her a creative scholarship for the implementation of this unique educational project about the cooperation of artists with the composer.

Realized under the scholarship of the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.

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