Music producer, composer, arranger, guitarist. In the 90s, as a musician and sound engineer, he regularly appeared on the stages of the largest music events in Poland, gaining experience and contacts in the music industry. His studio and composing experience allowed him to understand the process of creation, the specificity of the functioning of artists, and as a result, they gave him the ability to lead the creative process – from conceptual work, through leading a team, to the birth of a work. For the last 10 years he has been cooperating with KASIA KOWALSKA, of which he has been the music director for the last 3 years. During this time, he received a platinum record with the band for the sale of the album “KOWALSKA / CIECHOWSKI” and a gold album for the original album “AYA”, which I am a co-author. He worked on the album at the famous FOO FIGHTERS studio in Los Angeles, together with Mark Howard – producer BOB DYLANA, TOMA WAITSA, U2, R.E.M. He was also the music producer of the concert and album “MTV UNPLUGGED”. In 2019, he was responsible for the musical layer of the concert “STARS OF FREEDOM”, held in Krakow on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the EU. He prepared the arrangements and the accompanying team, incl. Artists such as: KAYAH, ANDRZEJ PIASECZNY, GRZEGORZ HYŻY, GRZEGORZ SKAWIŃSKI. He also creates for television – for several years his composition has been the forefront of the series “BARWY SZCZĘŚCIA” and also writes songs for other artists – incl. the song “MIAŁ BYC ŚLUB” performed by MONIKA BRODKA. He is also familiar with the advertising industry – incl. together with the ALIGANZA agency, he carried out a campaign for the LEVIS company – “INFORMAL SOUNDS” – in which there were artists such as: DAWID PODSIADŁO, MELA KOTELUK, KASIA STANKIEWICZ, NATALIA AND PAULINA PRZYBYSZ. The campaign received the KREATURA advertising industry award.

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